Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 173 - Sweet and Spicy Pecans

The first note you get when you pop one of these pecans in your mouth is SWEET.  So you think, “Spicy?  The label says SPICY.  These things are not spi… Hey…  Wait a gosh darn second…”.  Cuz, see, that is when the SPICY hits ya!  And the spicy is what stays with ya!

I like these better than David does.  He would prefer more SWEET less lingering SPICY I think.  They are not my ultimate Trader Joe’s nut favorite, and I can’t eat more than a handful (of nuts…), but they are pretty good. 

Looks like lots of people were buying these the day we were there!
The package mentions putting them on a salad.  That is something I really should try.  I never think about putting NUTS on salads, even though I make and eat a lot of salads.  When I buy a salad at TJ’s or order one in a restaurant that includes nuts, I am usually quite happy.  So why I never remember to put them on homemade salads is beyond me.  Anyway, I shall try that with a few of these and see how it goes.

I think these would be good to put out in a pretty little bowl if you were throwing a cocktail party.  Especially if you had a lot of beer you wanted to get rid of, cuz peoples’ mouths would be hot from the spicy nuts and they would be slamming back brewskies. 

These pecans look GIGANTIC in this photo.  It is because this is a little Barbie sized bowl :) .
I think these are a bit overpriced for the amount you get (5 oz).

Price – $3.99

Rating – 3

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