Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 160 - Chicken Pot Pie Ravioli

What the WHAAAT???  Chicken Pot Pie RAVIOLI???  How in the world is that combination even POSSIBLE??

Check it out - two great things - CHICKEN POT PIE ANNNND RAVIOLI - all in one!
I am happy that my Facebook friend Gwynn posted the other day about finding this culinary peculiarity at her Trader Joe’s.  We had not seen this in the stores yet but as soon as I read her post I was READY to go find it!  We picked some up at the Pembroke Pines, FL store (that has nice artwork shown on day 156 of this blog – check it out!).

We had the ravioli for dinner tonight.  And it was a pretty QUIET dinner, because we were so busy enjoying the taste of what we were eating that we barely talked.  Well, except to say stuff like, “Oh man…” and “This is GOOD, eh??”, etc. 

Totally reasonable price for something so yummy
Seriously, this is a good thing to eat.  It DOES taste like chicken pot pie AND ravioli, and who doesn’t like those 2 things????  You just put the raviolis in water for 5 or 6 minutes and they are good to go!  The package says to serve them with just olive oil or a sauce.  We tried one with olive oil and decided we liked them better with sauce (we had Trader Joe’s Alfredo Sauce, to be reviewed soon).  The Alfredo sauce was a great compliment to the ravioli – I recommend the combination.

The ravioli with Alfredo sauce (and green beans) - see the rogue carrot on the plate?  That is from a ravioli that burst
The ONLY slight problem with this item is the propensity for ravioli to burst a bit when cooking, thus leaking out a bit of the chicken pot pie goodness.  I think if it were not for the bursting, these would have gotten a 5 star rating…  We will have these again, that’s for sure!  The package says 2 servings and that was perfect for the 2 of us.  It is very well priced, too, at basically $2 per serving (plus sauce).  This is a new product for Trader Joe’s and I sure hope they keep carrying it!

Price - $3.99

Rating – 4.75


  1. Because these ravioli were all stuck together in the package in a big clump they almost all broke while cooking. Ravioli have to be packaged properly with parchment paper between layers to prevent this from happening.

    1. I live only 7 minutes' drive from my nearest Trader Joe's.

      I scope out the frozen food first, but pick it up last, just before checking out, to minimize this.

      If you have a while to drive, and stuff half-unfreezes on the way home, then you'll get this happening, I think . . . .

    2. Yuppers, I agree with the idea that if the ravioli gets "half unfrozen" then it will clump. My mother-in-law used to bring a little cooler with her to the store with some frozen ice things in it. I am not that organized...

  2. Oh I am sorry to hear that your ravioli were all glopped together! We just had a couple burst when we cooked ours. If they had all been broken I would have been really disappointed.

  3. Hi! I've purchased these and made a sauce with some of the pasta water, butter and dried herbs. I added cheese on top afterwards. I used 1/4 of the package and was able to freeze and reused them and the still came out great. Good part if they burst in while cooking it just adds more flavor to pasta water I'll use !