Sunday, June 7, 2015

Day 158 - Skinny Dip (New Belgium) Beer

As with most (if not all) beer reviews on this blog, I must preface this by saying that I know practically nothing about beer.  I didn’t drink much of it until a year or two ago, and I still choose wine over it.  But I have been known to kick back a brewsky every now and again (boy that sounds dumb when I say it…). 

So we were having a beach party and I wanted to stock up on beer.  I wasn’t sure what to get, but this one is called SKINNY DIP so hey, yeah, THIS IS A SURE BET, RIGHT?  Totally chose it for the name.  J 

SKINNY DIP in action!  No, not SKINNY DIPPING, but drinking a Skinny Dip beer
 And it is a fine beer.  I mean, not FINER than other beers per se, but it does the trick.  The label says the “hops frolic with bready malts for a crisp sip as refreshing as a freshwater dip”.  Damn – that is some fancy  marketing!!   

This is a seasonal beer (summer only – cuz who skinny dips in winter??).  Lucky for you, gentle reader, I did a price comparison and found that a six pack was a full FIFTY CENTS cheaper at Trader Joe’s than at Publix (a large Florida grocery store chain). 
Publix - $9.49!

 Trader Joe's - $8.99 (not great signage - this was the Winter Park, FL store)

So if you like Skinny Dip, pick it up at Trader Joe’s instead of some other grocery store.  Save some money and celebrate SUMMER!

Price - $8.49

Rating - 4

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