Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Day 154 - Mediterranean Hummus Snack Pack

Now THIS is a good snack!!! 

We popped into a new Trader Joe’s today – well, new to US and pretty new to the scene, too!  Turns out the Trader Joe’s in Palm Beach Gardens, FL has been open for less than a year.  It’s lovely!  It is nice and clean, fresh, and has sweet employees (especially the guy who was our cashier, whose name on the receipt says “C. Luke”). 

Me outside the Palm Beach Gardens, FL TRADER JOE'S!
We got two items to eat in the car for lunch (we were on a 4.5 hour drive and needed foooood).  We got a pesto chicken wrap (to be reviewed soon) and this Mediterranean Hummus Snack Pack.  Let’s just say – this snack pack was GOOD, the chicken wrap, not so much…

Here is the package - inside here are 2 individual snack packs!
 This pack contains two sealed little packages, each with pita chips and hummus.  The pita chips were crunchy and tasty and the hummus was great!  It is called MEDITERRANEAN HUMMUS, and I think (but am not 100% sure) it is the same as the larger container of Mediterranean Hummus reviewed on this blog on day 78.  Each snack pack contains 4 oz of hummus and some pita chips – just enough for a snack (for us, a shared snack for 2). 
It looks tiny here (photo taken on my lap while eating this in the car) but it didn't feel tiny in real life
 This would be a fantastic thing to pack in a work or school lunch, or to eat as an afternoon pick me up.  I normally think items packaged as “single servings” or tiny snacks are a waste of both money (being over-priced) and packaging materials, but in this case it does not seem too expensive for what you get and the packaging is quite minimal. This is a healthy snack, and a double pack was $1.99, meaning one snack is only a buck!  Well worth it! 

Good price (but not a great sign...  The other artwork on signs was much better in this store)
Price - $1.99

Rating – 4.75

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