Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 167 - Villagio Marzano Tomatoes

We bought these to pair with tiny mozzarella bits (reviewed yesterday).  We had SOME small plum/cherry/grape-ish tomato as a sample at the Trader Joe’s in Florida recently and it was good.

This apparently wasn’t the one.

I think HEAVENLY is stretching it a bit...
These were not BAD, per se, but they were not TASTY.  They did not taste, as the writing on the bag would have us to believe, Heavenly.  They were just sort of blah, like most store bought tomatoes are.

Granted, it did not help that we picked some cherry tomatoes today off our little home grown plant and ate them.  There is nothing as lovely as HOME GROWN tomatoes.  Once they start coming in for the season, I guess no store bought tomato, no matter how expensive or how fancy the packaging, can match. 

Hmmm, maybe we should try the NOT mini version of the Marzano Tomato...  Perhaps it is more "highly prized"
I guess these will do if it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to grow your own.  But seriously, our cherry tomato plant is in a POT, not even the garden.  And it is doing fiiiine.  So if you are an apartment dweller or even live in your mamma’s basement – put a big pot out and plant yourself a cherry tomato plant!  Ours has not gotten any love at all this year and is still producing fruit.

Short of that, I guess you can invest in these Marzano tomatoes from Trader Joe’s.  They are bland, but maybe if you don’t have anything to compare them to they will be alright.

By the way – IT IS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Price – $2.79

Rating – 3.25

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