Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 168 - Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

I do not like chocolate covered cherries.  I hate the goo that is inside of them.  They always taste FAKE to me, and the goo/gish is not something I am interested in.  David, however, likes them, and we found this package of them in a special CHERRY BLOSSOM display at the U St (Washington DC) Trader Joe’s during cherry blossom season, so we HAD to buy them.  J

Isn't this a PRETTY display??  See the cherry blossom branches?  Great job U St TJ's
I wasn’t going to eat them.  I figured it was unfair for a chocolate covered cherry hater to review them, so I would just ask David to be my guest reviewer for this one.  Then I caved and tried one.  And you know?  THEY ARE GOOD!

They are more about the dark chocolate than they are the cherry.  And the CHERRY in question is a REAL cherry, none of that candied, fake red, gushy crap.  In fact, the label says this product contains no artificial colors or flavors and has no preservatives. How many chocolate covered “cherries” can you say THAT about??

And PERFECT art work on the signage, too
The dark chocolate is definitely what you taste most with these treats, but the dried cherry center is a nice compliment.  They are quite “rich” so are not a snack you would sit down and eat the whole container of (which is a good thing, right?). 

Thanks, Trader Joe’s, for helping me stop being scared of chocolate covered cherries! 

Price – $4.99

Rating - 4

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