Saturday, June 6, 2015

Day 157 - Milk Chocolate Jumbles

We had this little container of chocolate treats on a recent trip that found me WORKING and David SNACKING.  He was kind enough to tell me one night, “If you want to try those jumbles, you better grab yourself one, because I am going to eat ‘em all…”.  J

Around 15 pieces for $3.99 - not a bad price at all
So I have now sat down to taste them.  I ate one, and my favorite part was the “Himalayan pink sea salt” on the top.  Boy howdy was it salty!  But I wish the CHOCOLATE part was more CHOCOLATEY.  You know how sometimes chocolate stuff just doesn’t taste enough like CHOCOLATE?  I don’t know how to describe it, but that is how these jumbles are for me.

They are made of crunchy pecans (those were good!), toasted quinoa, and caramel, covered in milk chocolate and topped with a dash of the aforementioned HIMALAYAN PINK SEA SALT (cuz, you know, plain sea salt wasn’t fancy enough, so they had to make it a COLOR, then simple PINK sea salt just wouldn’t cut it, so they had to trek to the Himalayas to get it!!). 

Maybe if they covered them in dark chocolate they would be tastier to me.  As it is, I think I will let David finish the rest.  The label says that serving size is 3 pieces, and that is exactly how many are left.  Have at ‘em, honey!

David was excited about these even before he opened the package and ate one!
These are not bad at all, and many people will probably really like them.  It’s just if I am going to eat something chocolate, I want it to be CHOCOLATE.

Price – $3.99

Rating – 3.75 (in all fairness I asked David what HE would give these if he rated them and he said 4.75)

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