Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 170 - Crispy Rice Milk Chocolate

Yes, please!  I have had a long, hard day working and I need some CHOCOLATE!!!!  These 40 g bars (1.4 oz) always do the trick.  I like them because they are NICE CHOCOLATE, nice as in, like, the bars that are normally BIG and crazy expensive.  Only, they are not BIG, and they are not EXPENSIVE!  See – nice!!

If you are gonna eat a candy bar, make it this one
You can often find these near the check-out stand at Trader Joe’s (can we say “impulse buy”??).  if you have never been tempted enough to throw some in your cart, do it next time.  The crunchy rice bits are really good, but the chocolate is the star of the show.  They are in a way like Nestles Crunch bars, only the chocolate in these is much, much better.  I guess these are to Nestles Crunch like a fresh pineapple is to a tin can of Dole pineapple chunks – same basic premise but one is much preferred J.

Here is David enjoying a Crispy Rice Chocolate Bar :)
And do you want to hear more good news about these?  They come in a little pack of THREE bars!  So you can open one, enjoy it, and not worry about:  a.  eating too much, or b.  leaving a big candy bar open and it getting stale!

They are cheap, too.  At $1.79 per pack, that works out to .60 cents per candy bar.  WORTH IT.

Price - $1.79 (for 3)

Rating – 4.5

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