Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 180 - Smooth & Mellow Blend (Whole Bean Coffee)

Continuing the ever elusive search for the perfect coffee…

I believe this is the NINTH review for coffee in this blog.  I am trying HARD to find the very best one!!! 

I recently picked up a very fancy (non Trader Joe’s) tin of coffee (yes, TIN…  Even fancier than a CAN, no???)  It was the night before my birthday and I thought I deserved something uber delightful, so I tossed some Lavazza Caffe Espresso (see, even the NAME is fancy!!) coffee in the cart.

That stuff is BITTER as all get out!!!!  Man sakes alive it is bitter… So I have been “cutting it” with Trader Joe’s coffee and making a blend.  Well, we ran out of TJ’s so last night got a can of Smooth and Mellow Blend (whole bean).  It has a funny drawing on the front – two hipsters sitting in hip chairs, one wearing hip glasses.  The lady says, “I feel so relaxed” and the dude says, “…and yet so alert”.  So I am guessing Trader Joe’s is implying that drinking this coffee will make me 3 things:  relaxed, alert, and hip.  Fingers crossed!  J

See the hipsters sipping java??
I thought it was a great coffee to buy considering the circumstances, especially when I mentioned to David that we needed coffee to mix with the Lavazza Coffee and he replied, “Yes, to smooth it out!”.  Did he say SMOOTH?  Why, SMOOTH is in the NAME of this coffee, it has to be the perfect one, no???

The can claims “The acidity is light, the flavor is well rounded and fully developed.  Never bitter…”.  I would agree.  It was not bitter.  Not acidic.  But I guess I would add that it was a tiny bit dull…  Well, I mean, if I were the copy writer for Trader Joe’s marketing I would not ad that, of course, but here in this blog I feel free to tell you that this coffee didn’t knock my socks off.  Since I was reviewing it I brewed it alone (not as a blend with the Lavazza coffee) and it was okay but not magnificent.   

Here's MY hipster drinking a cup of Smooth and Mellow Blend
And do you know what?  I drank a whole cup of it and I do not feel the least bit more hip.  Damn.  I am not sure it worked.  Sigh.

Medium roast, medium price, medium taste
So overall, this is ok for a basic coffee but nothing special to write home about.

Price – $6.49

Rating – 3.5

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