Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 179 - Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Let me start by saying this is one big ass tub of chocolate covered espresso beans.  I mean, it seems like too many espresso beans!  At 14 oz, it sort of seems like the sort of tub that should be holding JELLY BEANS as opposed to espresso beans.  Let’s just say, if you are assigned to bring in a cool snack for the break room at work, these would be good to share.

Here is what the big ass tub looks like!  :)
That being said, they are good beans!  The espresso beans themselves have a bit of a burnt, bitter, strong coffee taste, enrobed by a yummy dark chocolate.  It really is a terrific and simple combination. 

David says, “There is more chocolate than you might expect, and that is a good thing.  The balance of bean to chocolate means that instead of just eating them to stay awake or study for a test, you could easily consider popping them like M and M s in an afternoon.”

Cheap for so many beans!!
This big ol’ tub is not priced at the usual high price tag that you find most chocolate covered espresso beans.  No, you get this whole tub for only $4.49.  When I look at the actual beans, I think maybe these are like, the BULK chocolate covered espresso beans, and that is why they come at a cheaper price.  They are, much like humans, varied shapes and sizes.  There are the teeny tiny ones, the larger ones, and there are some conjoined beans.  They are not all pristine and homogenous.  But hey, that’s how I like stuff!! 

See - they are not perfectly shaped - but then again, neither am I...  
I wish these came in a smaller container.  I mean, it might take us two years to get through this many chocolate covered espresso beans!  Trader Joe’s DOES sell a smaller container of chocolate covered espresso beans – a very sweet little metal tin of them.  I bought that too (the things I don’t do for this blog!) and will open it and taste those soon to compare them.  From the looks of the beans through the little window on the tin, it appears that THOSE are the “Nordstrom” of chocolate covered espresso beans and the ones in this plastic tub are, say, the “Kohl’s”.  Know what I mean?? 

Price – $4.49

Rating – 4.25

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