Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 174 - Kono Sauvignon Blanc

OK, this is an odd review.  Because this was an ODD SITUATION!

We went to Omaha, NE for a quick 4 day visit.  I grew up there and all of my family still lives there.  There were lots of events happening over the weekend – my twin nephews’ birthdays (happy birthday Trevor and Jordan!), getting to meet my just born great niece, Father’s Day, and a dinner at a Mexican restaurant to celebrate my birthday, which was a week ago.  So it worked out great to go at this particular time.

I, of couuurse, planned to pop by Trader Joe’s while there since I had not visited that location since I began this blog.  Omaha was the 12th Trader Joe’s in the 7th state (well, one is a District) that I have checked out this year!  My family was planning a weenie roast and s’mores making evening on our last night in town, so I picked up some supplies for that – graham crackers (to be reviewed soon), Triple Ginger Snaps (aye carumba I just checked and those haven’t been reviewed yet???  That sure surprises me!!!  They will be soon.) which I thought would go well with the roasted marshmallows, beer brewed in Nebraska, and wine.  I had asked my nephew and his partner if they would help me write a review and they said it sounded fun and would do it, so I thought using those products we could do a tasting during the s’mores night and write something up.

Omaha Nebraska Trader Joe's (at 1 Pacific Place) - very nice store
Boy was I wrong…

It turns out it was not an intimate family night around a campfire – it was a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY for me with around 40 people.  And there was not a campfire to be found!  It was sure fun and a big surprise.  And it turned out I showed up at my own party with a Trader Joe’s bag full of groceries!! 

Some of the friends and family waiting to SURPRISE me with a big sign!
But my sisters had planned all the food out, and I was having too much fun seeing people I hadn’t seen in years and chatting to think about a review, so we didn’t get to tasting until after the guests had gone.  Then we sat down and had some of this wine (and a Nebraska beer which will be reviewed later).  Contributing to the review is me, my partner David, and my sister Sherry.  I invited my other sister Annette to contribute, too, but she didn’t feel qualified J

My sisters and I - me, Annette, and Sherry - at the party
So here is what we thought:

This Kono Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) is very citrus tasting.  Sherry identified the citrus as GRAPEFRUIT.  The label mentions gooseberries and passion fruit, but we will just call it CITRUS, ok?  The signage in the store says it serves up “lemon-lime and green apple flavor”, so heck, maybe it is a mix of a whole bunch of fruit flavors.  I think it needs to be well chilled to be enjoyed.  David described it as crisp, light, and mentioned that “it has flavor”.  Umm, doesn’t all wine have flavor?  I do believe this particular comment was a bit vague…

Kono Sauvignon Blanc (Omaha Trader Joe's signage)
I realized after a few sips that it would pair well with Triple Ginger Snaps, so I busted them out and I was right!  It seems sort of an odd pairing in that the wine tastes distinctly SUMMERY and the cookies have a bit of a WINTER taste, but together they complement one another.

The label tells us it is a New Zealand wine – Maori.  It seems to me that those Kiwis often make a nice wine.

So, it could have been the post party glow, but we all enjoyed this wine.  Each of us rated it a 4, so it was easy to average the ratings out.  I did the math, no calculator required.  J

Price - $8.99
Rating – 4

(Rating of the surprise birthday party – a solid 5)

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