Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 155 - Coconut Cashews

Not only did we BUY this big bag of coconut cashews, we deliberately went back through line a SECOND TIME to buy them.  We had already checked out at the Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Trader Joe’s when David spied these and we thought, “Why not??!”. 

David is the cashew lover at our house.  Cashews are usually not good to me – too buttery or meaty or something (not that I have anything against butter or meat, I guess what I am trying to say is cashews are not my favorite…).  We were heading into a few days of rest and relaxation for David and stocking up on treats for him to munch on so these seemed like a good fit.  I would be working long hours, he would be munching cashews.

This looks like the perfect snack for a few days of relaxation, right?
 Only, not so much.  I came back to find him in the hotel room eating OTHER snacks but having only consumed a couple of these cashews.  “What’s wrong with them?” I asked.  “They are CASHEWS – you dig cashews!  And COCONUT – also on your “like” list.”  His reply – “They are, I dunno, they are just BLAH.”

So I tried one.  And I agree – blah blah blah.  Salt is listed as an ingredient, but it is the last one listed so I assume it is only a teeny tiny dash per 5,000,000,000 cashews or something.  These puppies could use a more generous dusting of SEA SALT.  We both agree that would perk the flavor up.

Cashews are always crazy expensive and these are no exception
The packaging says “We’ve married two favorite tropical flavors to come up with a Trader Joe’s treat that we bet you won’t be able to stop eating!”.  Well Joe, you lose that bet.  We stopped eating these right after we opened the big, expensive 14 oz bag and will be returning them today for a refund.  Sorry!  These just didn’t work for us.

Our suggestions:  add SEA SALT and package them in a very tiny bag instead of this huge one.  That will make them tastier and cheaper.  David adds, “Add something tasty to them to give them some zing – maybe LIME or CHILI POWDER!”.  Until then – refund please.

Price – $6.99

Rating – 2.5

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