Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 9 - Belgian Endive

For a while in 2013 I believe I was ADDICTED to these.  I ate them every single day.  

Here’s how:  get the pack of 3 Belgium Endive at Trader Joe’s.  Wash one (or 2 – if 2 use 2 different colored ones to make it pretty).  Slice them in thin to medium slides (start at the pointy end, throw away the very bottom thick end).  Also slice thin bits or chunks of a red onion.  Add chunks of feta cheese.  Add tomato (or kumato if it is not summer).  Add chopped up Trader Joe’s Baby Beets if you have some on hand.  Top with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Squeeze half a lemon (or a Meyer Lemon if they are in season) over the top.  Using a salt grinder, grind some big hunks of salt on top.  VOILA – a super tasty and very delicious salad!  Don’t blame me if you get addicted.

Belgian Endive - aren't they pretty?
At other grocery stores endive are usually sold by weight and are quite pricey.  Other stores often only sell the green version too, whereas the pack you get at Trader Joe’s has the pretty purple one (which they call red) for color.   I like the TJ’s version – 3 endive for $2.99 – basically a buck an endive.  You know what you are getting, and what you are getting is tasty!  They will last in the fridge for a couple of days after you open the pack so you have time to make more salad.  J

Recipe idea - my addictive Belgian Endive salad described above (this one has endive,
feta, onions, baby beets, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt)
That’s all I ever use these for, salad, and I use them a LOT.  Sometimes I will chop one and add it into a regular lettuce salad, too.  I know you can COOK endive and serve it hot, but have never tried that.  Do you have a good recipe?  If so, please share it in the comments section.  I would love to try them cooked.

Price - $2.99

Rating – 4.5 stars


  1. That salad sounds delicious! my favorite way to eat them is raw, whole leaves, either as a holder for taco fillings (love the hot bean and veg mix with the cold crunchy leaf- and guacamole on top of course), but they make a great scooper for dips! Especially that reduced guilt spinach and kale one- just add a smidge of salt

    1. Oh Belgian Endive leaves WOULD make good taco "shells". It would be like the lettuce leaves that they use at PF Changs only TASTIER.

  2. This is delicious : Wash the endive and leave a little damp,sprinkle a little salt on them(if desired)wrap with regular sliced bacon and secure with toothpicks, bake at 350 degrees until bacon is crisp.I make a sandwich with mine. You can also cook them in a microwave. Just wrap each one with damp paper towels.Cook 1 min. and turn over and cook 1 minute on other side. This is for 1100 btu microwave.

    1. MY MOUTH IS WATERING!! I am soooo going to try this! Thanks for the recipe!!!

  3. Place them in foil, add some butter and a bit of garlic salt. grill for about 10 in. Delicious! similar to cooking cabbage or Brussel sprouts.... but better!