Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 27 - Salted Butter Quarters

OK, confession:  I do not normally buy “store brand” stuff at stores other than Trader Joe’s.  I mean, like, if I am in Shoppers Food Warehouse, I will plop down the extra dime (or quarter…) for the well-known label – the one I have seen on TV and in coupons.  I KNOW this is “conditioning” by the huge companies, and I KNOW I should save money and purchase the plain label, store brand product, but 9 times out of 10, Heinz canned tomatoes will jump in my cart instead of plain label.  (And yes, I know that sometimes the store label brand is the same exact product that is inside the fancy brand can, just with a different label…)   I am a bit embarrassed to admit all of that, but it is true! 

But here’s the thing – at Trader Joe’s, a vast majority of the products are THEIR STORE BRAND.  And they are fabulous.  Equal to or better than the famous brands we buy because we see them on TV and because our mothers bought them and fed them to us when we were growing up.  I buy them, I like them, and I am happy.  J

So that sets the stage for this butter (salted butter quarters).  If I were at Safeway or Shoppers Food Warehouse, I would not buy the plain label brand.  I would spend more and buy Land O’ Lakes butter.  But at Trader Joe’s I am perfectly happy to buy store brand butter!  And it is yummy.  And works well in all the same things I use butter for – on bread, for baking, to top veggies, etc (though, honestly, our “toast butter” is a different butter, which I will review soon!).  This butter is good.  It is on par with Land O’ Lakes.   Heck, this butter is even made from cows who were not treated with BST.  If you, too, avoid store brand things, just start by trying this butter.  You won’t notice a difference.  J 
Turns out, this price is insanely cheap!
Side note – this blog is not about recipes, coupons, or penny pinching techniques.  But I am a curious person.  So I just looked up what the same size package (16 oz) of salted butter quarters would be at my local Safeway if we bought Land O Lakes.  HOLY SMOKES - $6.09!!!  MORE THAN DOUBLE what we paid at Trader Joe’s!!!   So not only is it yummy, it is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. 

Price – $2.99

Rating – 3.75

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