Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 18 - Avocados

Sure, sometimes you might be able to find avocados on sale at Safeway or Shoppers Food Warehouse for a little cheaper, but Trader Joe’s avocados are reasonably priced ($1.39 each).  Avocados are such a tasty, healthy thing to eat.  It’s good to have one in your fruit bowl!  

Yummy - a tasty avocado!
We like to put thin avocado slices on sandwiches, avocado chunks on lettuce salads, or make avocado/caper/red onion/tomato chunk salads!  You need to think ahead when we buy them – you must strategize about when you will use it and choose one that is going to ripen at juuuuust the right time (which is tough to do!).  I confess that we sometimes forget we have an avocado and don’t find it until it is far too late and it has turned to black mush, bleck.  Of course, if it is just a tiny bit too late, there is always fresh guacamole to be made! 

Bottom line – avocados are yummy and healthy.  Buy ‘em.  And since you are at Trader Joe’s anyway, might as well pick one up there!  They are just as good as avocados purchased at other stores.

P.S. – Secret – we grew an avocado plant from a SEED!  We have been working on it since Spring of 2014 and in January 2015 the tree got planted in real, live Florida soil (instead of a pot!).  Soon we hope to harvest our OWN avocados!!

Ava, our avocado tree!

Price:  $1.39 each
Rating:  4 stars

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