Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day 7 - Chocolate Coconut Almonds

These are David’s new favorite treat.  He can eat half a container in one sitting (he is a slow eater, so he would have to sit quite a while to do that, but he would happily do it).  The almonds are nice and big, the coconut is super coconutty, and the chocolate is tasty.  They are an easy little snack to eat in that they don’t even make a mess!

Chocolate Coconut Almonds - a fancy, tasty treat
For MY TASTE, they are a wee bit too “suntan lotionish”.  I think that is mainly the scent – it just smells like the coconut suntan lotion of my youth and puts me off a little bit.  But if I can block the SMELL, the taste is very nice.

Price - $4.99 (sort of expensive)
Rating – 4 stars


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    1. I think you would, too, Annette. I recommend you get some. Let me know what you think.