Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day 3 - Meyer Sweet Lemons

I discovered Meyer Sweet Lemons as a variety at a grocery store in Florida a couple of years ago.  I assumed they were like “regular” lemons when I bought them, and boy was I WRONG.  They are far juicier, sweeter, fruitier, and more delicious!  I am a fan!! 

Bag of Meyer Sweet Lemons
So when I saw them at Trader Joe’s I was elated!  If you see them grab a bag, they go fast and are not often in stock (I have learned that they have a limited season – December/January – May).  We use them to squeeze on top of cooked veggies (like broccoli) and as a salad dressing (Meyer lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, and salt).

I hope one day to have my own Meyer Sweet Lemon tree so I can pop outside and pick a fresh one.  Until then, I will pick them up whenever I see them at Trader Joe’s.

Learn more about Meyer Sweet Lemons and find recipes for them here –

Price - $1.99 per bag

Rating – 4.5 stars

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