Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 8 - English Toffee with Nuts

Trader Joe’s English Toffee with Nuts is a holiday product, meaning they only carry it for a limited time.  It comes out every year around Thanksgiving.  The first year we found it we fell in love!  It is really well done – chunks of toffee about the length of a pinky finger (thicker than your finger) covered in chocolate then rolled in chopped nuts.  What’s not to like???  That first year we got through two huge tubs ourselves and gave some as gifts to friends.

Everyone gets so excited with the seasonal holiday products like English Toffee with Nuts come out!

So the NEXT year when we saw it show up on the shelves again, we were thrilled.  YIPPEE – more English Toffee with Nuts!  We bought two tubs again. 

But the thing is, the tubs are BIG.  And the toffee is CRUNCHY.  And after eating a few pieces, your jaws get sore.  So we ate and ate and ate to get through tub number one, then cracked open tub number two but only scratched the surface before it got buried behind other stuff in the cabinet.  But we didn’t miss it – we had od-ed on the stuff. 

So this year when the toffee showed up on the store shelves, we eyeballed it, then I remembered we still had some old stale toffee left over.  We busted out the stale stuff and tried to get through it.  It tasted basically the same even a year later.  But we had lost our appetite for it.

Right above the freezer section - holiday goodies
We are going to get back on the horse in 2015.  I am sure with a year off that toffee is going to taste as delicious as that first piece did.  I DO recommend you try it, just pace yourself.  All good things in moderation.  ONE tub might be plenty for a household of just two people.  (Find it in the freezer section only during the holidays on shelves above the cold products.)

Price - $8.99 (which is high, but the tub is humongous)

Rating – 3.75 stars


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