Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day 24 - Brussels Sprouts Parmyere

This is yet another seasonal product – Trader Joe’s carried it during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season.  Why, I do not know…  After all, why keep Brussels sprouts just for the holidays??  I can eat a good Brussels sprout any day of the year!

Frozen dish - quick to cook and tasty (though see below, doesn't look quite like this on the plate)
 Anyway, being fans of this particular veggie, we thought we should check this out.  The package says it contains 3.5 servings, but our experience is that it contained just enough for two people.  We chose the microwave cooking method, and it took longer than the package recommended it would.  There is a small packet included filled with fried onions, designed to be sprinkled on top of the veggies after they are cooked.  Those fried onions added a nice zing!

If I were judging this product solely on APPEARANCE on the plate, it would get a 1.5.  That is because, ummm, it looks like vomit on your plate.  That is not an appealing appearance! 
Maybe it is just me, but the appearance leaves something to be desired....
But if I were to judge this product on TASTE alone it would probably get a 4.  It was nice, cheesy (with both Swiss and Parmesan), soupy, and yummy, especially bites that had fried onions on top.  So, I will average the two ratings together to come up with my final rating.  J

I will pick this one up again when Trader Joe’s brings it out for Holiday Season 2015. 

Price – $4.49
Rating – 2.75 stars

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  1. It is not available in Houston this year. None for Thanksgiving 2015!?!?