Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 30 - Chicken Pot Pie Bites

These seemed like such a swell idea!  Little Barbie sized versions of real chicken pot pies!  What could be cuter??

The problem is, once they are cooked (which takes an hour if you do it like we did in the oven), they are not so CUTE anymore.  They bubble up over the edges and are difficult to get out of the little Barbie sized muffin pan they come in.

They are so CUTE in this photo.  As they say on weight loss commercials, results may vary.
They TASTE good, mind you.  It is nice having guaranteed pot pie crust in every bite (as opposed to regular sized chicken pot pies, where sometimes you just get inside goo and not crust).  The filling is a nice blend of sauce, chicken, and veggies and the crust is yummy. 

They are meant to be served as little appetizers, but we just plopped 6 each on a plate, dunked them in Dijon mustard, and called it a meal (with asparagus on the side).  For a MEAL, they worked ok, but I wouldn’t bother with them for appetizers. 

Price - $4.99 (which equals  .42 cents per tiny pot pie)
Rating – 3

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