Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 29 - Chicken Enchiladas

These were recommended by a good friend, a friend with high standards in the yummy food category, so I was totally trustworthy on this one.  My friend said these are one of her Trader Joe’s staples.

Anyway, we picked some up and had them in the freezer, so on a night when we were running late and ready to throw dinner together around 10 pm, we thought we would give them a try.

Did I mention we were also a little cranky that night?  We were.

Anyway, for some reason I thought I remembered my friend saying these were DRY and we needed some sort of SAUCE for them.  I busted out a jar of Cowboy Caviar – a corn salsa concoction from Trader Joe’s that we had purchased over a year ago that we had never opened (it was expired) and prepared for the worst (remember, we were cranky).

After heating the enchiladas in the microwave, I opened the package to find they had a SAUCE! They were not naked!  I still threw some Cowboy Caviar on them, and some hot sauce, and off we went. 

They were not bad.  Not the world’s best enchiladas, but not bad at all.  The sauce on them was tasty but I wish there had been more of it.  They were meaty.  I think maybe we over cooked them a bit – the ends of the tortillas were hard.

I am going to give these babies another try.  On a night when we eat before 10:00 pm and are not cranky.  J  They are sure cheap – only a buck each (2 come in a pack).  The Cowboy Caviar jazzed ‘em up some. 

Price - $1.99

Rating – 2.75

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