Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 26 - Ocarossa Wine

This is a NICE red wine at a very, very cheap price.  That’s the thing about Trader Joe’s wines – so many of them are dirt cheap, you can afford to experiment and try something new! 

Ocarossa - a delicious wine at only $5.99!
This is an Italian red wine – nice and bold.  It has a cherry taste but not too fruity.  We served it with a beef stroganoff served over pasta and it was the perfect complement to the meal.

This wine pairs well with dinner
Interesting fact – each Trader Joe’s has an in-house artist that makes all of their own signage.  I think that is an awesome idea!  It means nothing feels too “corporate” or cookie cutter – each store you go into has its own feel.  This is evidenced by these two price signs for Ocarossa Wine – one was taken at “our” Trader Joe’s in Falls Church, VA and the other was taken at a Trader Joe’s in Raleigh, NC on a recent road trip.  Which do you prefer??  

Sign from Virginia Trader Joe's
Sign from North Carolina Trader Joe's

Price - $5.99 (so reasonable!)
Rating – 4.25 stars


  1. It is $4.99 here in Calif. Don't be jealous please! Everything else here - rents, gas, restaurant food, you name it, is expensive.

  2. "Don't be jealous"??? Now HOW do you expect us not to be jealous???!!! It's a tasty little wine though, eh?