Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 19 - Real Mistletoe

Obviously, this is a seasonal product.  J  But it is one I highly suggest you grab next holiday season!!!  Real mistletoe is sometimes difficult to find – and you do not want that cheap plastic crappy kind.  I cannot guarantee the effectiveness of fake mistletoe.

Real Mistletoe - you need this for the holidays!
 I CAN, however, tell you that this Trader Joe’s Real Mistletoe worked like a dream!  Rarely does an investment under $2.00 have such lovely outcomes!  I hung it with a red ribbon and it was very effective at encouraging lovers crossing under it to stop and smooch.

Real Mistletoe in action - see??  Works perfectly!
We picked it up near a check-out.  Be on the look-out for it next holiday season!!

Price - $1.99

Rating 5 stars (of course!)

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  1. Attention - our friends Tracy and Vince have tested this year's TJ's mistletoe and have confirmed - it also works well! Just as well as last year's model. :)