Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 13 - Grand Reserve Meritage (2011) Red Wine

If you like the taste of drinking petrol (gasoline) – then this wine is for you!  Even the “bouquet” smells of gas.  Bleck!  The particular bottle we have is “Lot #27” – I am guessing that is a CAR LOT from the taste of things… 

It doesn't LOOK like gasoline, but it sure tastes like it...
 Not really a lot else to say.  Don’t buy it.  Don’t drink it.  Friends don’t let friends drink (red) gasoline.  There are loads of other choices of wine at Trader Joe’s – DO NOT PICK THIS ONE.

Price - ??? (I do not have the receipt for this – we bought it and brought it out of town with us – but looking around online it looks like we wasted $12.99 on this!  That is not cheap for a wine at Trader Joe’s – I sort of wish I hadn’t looked at prices!  We have half a bottle sitting here that we do not want to drink.  Any amount we spent on it was too much.)

Rating – ½ star

P.S. – It could be that we just got a bad bottle…  In looking online after writing this review, I found a couple of sites that praise this wine (note:  we do not research wine before we buy it – I mean, we TASTE IT if Trader Joe’s is doing a tasting J, but we are not the types to go online and dig up info on a wine before we buy it.  I just happened across this and thought it only fair to share another perspective:  http://www.reversewinesnob.com/2014/05/trader-joes-grand-reserve-napa-valley-meritage.html )

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