Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 12 - Pomegranate Seeds

These are one of the pricier things we buy at Trader Joe’s…  They are a splurge, a treat!  And they are YUMMY.

Pomegranates are a fruit I never ate as a kid.  Consequently, as an adult, I have no idea how to eat them!  I like to drink Pom juice once in a while (that is another huge splurge and not sold at Trader Joe’s - Pom Cherry is my favorite), so I figured I would like pomegranates, too.  But man oh man, they seem like nature’s locked bank vault!!  The skin is super hard, and if you managed to break into it, how the HECK would you get those seeds out of there?

So instead of Google, “How do I eat a pomegranate”, I invested $3.99 in this little treat from Trader Joe’s – pomegranate seeds all picked out, packaged, and ready for me to e-a-t!  It’s a bit silly, really, I do not buy pre-sliced apples on the pretense that I should not pay someone to slice my fruit when I am perfectly capable of slicing it myself.  But man – these pomegranate seeds are so good, I keep throwing them in my shopping cart!! 

BRILLIANTLY packaged Trader Joe's Pomegranate Seeds 
I believe Trader Joe’s has improved the packaging over the last couple of months.  I think the first couple of times I bought these they came in a container where once you opened it, all of it was exposed to air and open.  But now they have done something ingenious and divided it into 2 sections!  Now, if you are careful when you peel back the plastic top, you can open only half of the container, keeping the other half fresh and sealed.

I eat these on top of Greek yogurt – yum!  I also eat them by the spoonful for dessert sometimes. 

Price - $3.99 (I know, a splurge)

Rating – 4.5 stars



  2. Hello OKorinDear! Thanks for the link. I will most certainly try that technique!! Have you done it before?? It looks like some commenters under the instructions said it was awesome, and a couple said it didn't work... I am excited to give it a whirl!

  3. Dude - I must make a note here: in the review I applauded the new packaging where only half of the pomegranate seeds were exposed when you opened the package. Boo - they went back to the old packaging and now when you OPEN it, you have opened all of it.