Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 11 - Half and Half

Trader Joe’s Half and Half is good.  The main draw is that it is not UHT (Ultra Heat Treated).  While I am not finicky about that, my normally very laid back and lackadaisical partner for some reason prefers non-UHT dairy products (healthier, I am sure, but this is coming from a guy who will eat a whole box of cookies with his non-UHT milk….). 

Half and Half makes a cup of coffee better!
Anyway, because it is non UHT, it has a much shorter shelf life than other brands of half and half you can buy in different stores.  It comes in a pint container, so we get through it before it expires with no problem (and we just drink one cup of coffee each per day). 

Price - $1.19

Rating – 4.25 stars

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