Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 10 - Greeting Cards

Trader Joe’s has a small selection of greeting cards.  They are usually pretty good – not the top quality paper but very acceptable.  They are all priced the same - .99 cents.  That is a bargain – Hallmark keeps raising their prices and you can easily plop down $4.00 for one of their cards. 

.99 cent greeting cards - cheap and functional (but not fancy)
Here is what I see as pros and cons to Trader Joe’s cards:
·         CHEAP
·         Some cute designs
·         Convenient since you can pick them up while you are at the store

·         Very limited selection
·         All the same price, and all very “Trader Joe’s” looking, meaning anyone you send one to (if they also are a fan of Trader Joe’s) knows you did not splurge on them (I know, I know, it’s the thought that counts, but there are some situations where a bit more than a buck is appropriate – such as, “Gee, congratulations on your wedding!  It was gorgeous and all!!!  Thanks for the sit down plated steak and lobster dinners you served me and my plus one that you had never met before.  Here’s a .99 cent card from Trader Joe’s!” (which presumably would be taped atop a fancy gift from the couple’s registry at Williams Sonoma, but still…).
·         Not many “occasion specific” cards – more blank and generic

The cards are hard to find in some Trader Joe’s locations, you may need to ask.  In our favorite TJ’s they are on a post near the front of the store.

Price - .99 cents
Rating – 3 stars

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