Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 1 - ""Just Sauce" Turkey Bolognese

I will start this year-long blog off with one of our FAVORITE Trader Joe’s products – TURKEY BOLOGNESE.  This is one of the very, very best staples you can have in your freezer.  I kid you not!  We always have an extra one on hand. 

"Just Sauce" Turkey Bolognese
What it is – frozen Bolognese sauce for pasta, but instead of BEEF, it is made with TURKEY.  We are not health nuts at our house.  We do not eat this sauce because it is turkey as opposed to beef.  We eat it because it is SO DARN TASTY!!!!!  It really is delicious!  And such a simple meal – boil up some pasta, heat this in the microwave, make a quick green vegetable, and hey presto, your dinner is ready!  This is our go-to meal, especially on evenings where we have both worked and are exhausted. 

The sauce is amazing – it’s rich and tomatoe-y (is that a word?).    There is a lot of ground turkey in it which makes for a hearty meal.  You can put cheese over it, but if you do not have any on hand you will still be very happy and satisfied.  And FULL.  The two of us eat one package of this per dinner.  Find it in the frozen foods section.

David adds – points to stress here – it is DELICIOUS, satisfying, and very, very quick and easy to make.

Price – a CHEAP $3.29   

"Just the Sauce" Turkey Bolognese price tag
Rating - solid 5 STARS


  1. Thank you, found day 1, so fun. Enjoying.

  2. Great! Glad you found it. Have you TRIED this Turkey Bolognese?? It is super yummy. :)