Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day 60 - Beer (in general)

Here’s the thing – at Trader Joe’s, beer is FLEXIBLE.  In stores that sell alcohol, they have a good selection of beer.  They even let you MIX AND MATCH bottles and make your own six pack!!  They often have stapled paper grocery bags filled with “mystery” beer selections.  And guess what else?  THEY CARRY LOCAL BEERS!  So, when we visit an out of town Trader Joe’s, I check out the local beer!  It rocks.

Look at the LOCAL BEER SECTION in a North Carolina Trader Joe's!
We are not huge beer drinkers, but we do enjoy a bottle every once in a while.  I do not by any stretch of the imagination consider myself qualified enough to review specific BEERS here.  I do not have a “sophisticated” beer palate and can never even remember what “style” of beer I like.  So when we were in North Carolina recently, I had a Trader Joe’s employee steer me towards the local beer section and just made us a mixed up six pack.  J 

David downing one of our beers
 We have drunk 5 of the 6 bottles.  Of those, 4 were delicious and one was not my thing.  I don’t think it was because it was a bad BEER, it was just a type of beer that didn’t taste good to me.

Hoppyum IPA
I guess my point is – if you like beer, GO TO TRADER JOE’S and check out the selection.  Make a six pack (or 2 or 3…).  They are really reasonably priced and you may discover one that is perfect for you!
Hoppy Bunny APA (get it?  HOPPY Bunny!!)

This review gives Trader Joe’s beer a perfect score for:  great beer selection, carrying local brews, and letting customers mix and match to bring home the exact bottles they want.

Price – varies

Rating - 5

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