Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Day 62 - Embrace Your Inner Bean

My friend Heidi got these "Embrace Your Inner Bean" snacks on a shopping trip we recently went on together to the Overland Park, KS Trader Joe’s.  We were hungry, so when we jumped in the car we opened them and dug in.

No bueno.

They LOOK cute, don't they?  
The TEXTURE is the biggest problem with this little snack stick.  It is too Styrofoam-y.  They feel like little sticks of Styrofoam dipped in some spices.  But not MANY spices, because they really don’t taste much.  They just feel weird on your tongue.

What we figured out they ARE good for is to serve as little (quasi) edible chopsticks to dip into tzatziki and lift it to your mouth!!  We just kept piling on the tzatziki and shoveling it in with these “Delightfully Crunchy Baked Black Bean Snacks” (the package’s words, not mine).  The package says a serving size is “about 22” little black bean snacks – I can’t imagine eating that much Styrofoam. 

22 pieces of these would be a LOT to ingest...  They are not big, but they are a weird texture...
Overall impression – skip the black bean snacks and just get the tzatziki.  J

Price - $1.49

Rating – 1


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  2. I actually ate the rest of the bag on the highway home just to stay awake on the solo drive. they actually do have a black bean flavor but then again black beans are not overtly flavorful.

  3. I had to return an unopened bag after I finished the first bag. I ate it but it was terrible. It tasted like tortilla chips-- not bad, but not what I wanted or expected.

  4. Agreed Sylvie! One bag to try them is plenty. It's times like that I'm really thankful for Trader Joe's amazing return policy. :)