Friday, March 20, 2015

Day 79 - Uttapam with Coconut Chutney

These could change their name to “Blandapam with Coconut Chutney”.  Bleck.

There are 4 uttampam (rice bread) with onions and cilantro in the box.  Two cooking techniques are listed:  microwaving or heating in a pan on the stove.  The first time we tried them we did the microwave technique because we were HUNGRY and wanted to eat.  The result was an unsatisfactory dinner.  The bread was WARM but not GOOD.  It was super bland and the texture was odd.

Don't they look yummy in the photo on the box??
But before writing a review and saying something negative, I decided we should cook the other two uttapam a different night using the stove technique.  I hoped that result would be tastier.   And, while it is true that the result was tastier, it was not TASTY…

Even cooking on the stove, it was all just too bland.  The coconut chutney could not add enough “pizzazz” to save this.  I am disappointed, because the photo on the box looked so good and I had high hopes! 

Even at this low price, these are not worth it for us
We won’t be buying these again.

Price – $2.49

Rating - 2


  1. I loved the post a lot. This is really great blog, I always find worth reading stuff here. Thanks to writer.

  2. THANKS for taking time to comment Robert! I am so happy you like the blog. I have a good time writing it, and it seems that at the times I am most tired and think "A WHOLE YEAR? CAN I REALLY KEEP UP?" someone sweet like you writes an encouraging comment that keeps me eating and writing reviews. I just got back at 2 am to a Trader Joe's town, so after work this evening you know where you will find me. Gotta stock up! More reviews to write.