Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day 71 - Boneless Beef Rib Eye Steak

We do not eat a heck of a lot of red meat.  That might be apparent by the fact that this review is posting on day 70 of this project and it is the first time beef has appeared!  (I had to peek back through the reviews to fact check that and I am a little surprised myself!  I certainly didn’t plan it that way.)  We are not vegetarians, and we are not “anti-beef”, we just don’t eat it all that often. 

So when we DO eat it, we want it to be good.  And this wasn’t.  There was far too much fat and not enough TASTE.  The best part about it was the seasoning we put on it and not the actual beef itself.

In general, beef at Trader Joe’s seems limited.  And pricey.  Maybe beef is a money maker for them?  They just don’t have the selection that Safeway, Giant, or other grocery stores do.  And they don’t have the option of opening a package and giving you a smaller portion like Publix will.  And there is no “meat department” with a butcher to wrap up just what you want.

Boneless Beef Rib Eye Steak
Color me disappointed in this steak.  Sure, we will try another one before the year of reviews is up, but for now I will stick to veggies, chicken, and fish.  This steak left a not-so-good taste in my mouth.

Price – $9.49 per lb

Rating – 2.5

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