Friday, March 13, 2015

Day 72 - Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Here is where we splurge…  If you saw my review of White Corn Tortilla Rounds (day 56), you know you can get a really big bag (2 lbs) of chips at Trader Joe’s for only $3.29.  Whereas THIS bag of blue corn chips is smaller (half the size) and the same price ($3.29).  So TECHNICALLY, you are paying double (ouch) for these chips as opposed to the white corn ones.

But the thing IS, see, THESE CHIPS ARE DELICIOUS, whereas if you remember from the white corn tortilla rounds review, those other ones are super crappy…  We get through a bag of these blue chips pretty quickly (normally we dip them in hummus) but the huge-o bag of white corn crappy ones is still sitting half-eaten on our counter.

Now THESE are some tasty chips
The blue ones are the right thickness.  They are tasty.  They have a good amount of salt (some people miiiight say a bit too much salt, but it is the perfect amount for us).  They are triangular shaped instead of round (if that makes a difference to you).  They are good at scooping up hummus and salsa.  And they are not too HARD (the main complaint about those white ones).

So, for my hard earned money, it is worth spending the extra to get chips you will actually enjoy eating.  Get a bag and TRY them.  If you don’t think they are worth splurging on, go back to the other ones.  But at least give them a shot. 

Half the chips for the same price - WHO would think that I would buy them?  But they are OGOD!
 Price - $3.29

Rating – 4.75


  1. Hello! I love eating tortilla chips with chili. I am considering purchasing the blue corn tortilla they taste pretty similar to the white corn tortilla chips at trader joe's?

    Thanks! - Maria

  2. Hi Maria! Oh tortilla chips and CHILI - you are making me hungry...

    I like the blue chips at TJ's much better than the white ones. The blue ones are not as HARD and they just seem tastier! Give them a try! If you do not like them you can always return them - Trader Joe's is great about that. But I bet you WILL like them.

    Enjoy! Happy shopping. :)