Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 63 - Pacific Salad with Chicken

Trader Joe’s pre-made salads are something I treat myself to once in a while.  They are not cheap (this one was $4.49) but they are usually pretty good.  I was recently on a trip and needed a light, late night dinner to take back to my hotel room and eat.  Enter this PACIFIC SALAD WITH CHICKEN.

Trader Joe’s has quite a few different types of pre-made salads to choose from, so I picked one I did not remember trying before.  The Pacific Salad with Chicken has romaine lettuce, grilled chicken breast, toasted almonds, crispy rice noodles, sesame seeds, and, as the package describes it, “dressing that is divine”. 

The "ready made salad" section at Trader Joe's - Pacific Salad with Chicken
The lettuce was nice and crisp (though I would prefer a bit of a MIX of lettuce instead of all romaine).  There was just the right amount of grilled chicken breast (some places make it so it is more CHICKEN than salad, or so you have to hunt through lettuce to find the teeny tiny chicken bits, but this was a good balance).  The dressing was good but really made the salad were the crispy rice noodles!  I would not normally put those on a salad but man they were good – they brought the CRUNCH and also just a touch of taste to the whole affair. 

This salad is a fine choice for a lunch or dinner.   I personally think there are other salads at Trader Joe’s that are TASTIER, but this one is a healthy choice and is good.

P.S. – if you are taking one of these salads back to your hotel room or office, don’t forget to grab a plastic fork at TJ’s if you need one.

Price - $4.49

Rating – 3.75

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  1. For the price I have to say I thought this salad was a gyp. Plenty of romaine but only a small scoop of diced chicken. Pricey for such a small amount of protein.