Thursday, March 26, 2015

Day 85 - Josephsbrau Prost (beer)

I am not sure if I have complained about this on this blog before, so let me get this out in the open:  our Trader Joe’s in Falls Church, VA USED TO do wine and beer tastings a LOT.  Like, almost every time we shopped.  And let me be clear – tasting wine/beer while shopping not only makes shopping more pleasant, it almost ensures you will purchase at least one of the items you just tasted!  Over a year ago they cut way back on their tastings (boooooo!!!) and since then it has been more difficult to get exposed to new varieties of wine and beer to buy.

But this past Sunday they HAD A TASTING!  And one of the items being poured was a flyer item that we had never tasted before called Josephsbrau Prost (beer).  We were happy to taste it – it was terrific!!  Cold, crisp, and delicious.  And so we did what any satisfied taster would do – bought a six pack!

Beer and wine tasting on a Sunday afternoon at Trader Joe's - how civilized!
See Trader Joe’s???  We would never had thrown that 6 pack in our cart had you not scheduled that friendly staff member to stand in the liquor section a couple of hours and entertain guests.  I say that is a win-win!  (Note to management if any of you see this – the few times that you also have a cheese and cracker combo with the wine/beer, we (and people around us) normally end up buying the cheese, too, so SPLURGE next time and put out a snack that goes with what you are pouring!  It makes you look like great hosts and it adds up to more sales – cha-ching!!)

This is a tasty beer that we would have completely missed out on had the store not done a tasting - thanks Trader Joe's!
Anyway, we had this beer tonight with chicken chili and it was a great combo.  I can also imagine sipping it while sitting on a porch or patio on a warm summer night.  Josephsbrau Prost is good beer at a great price.

Price - $6.49

Rating - 4

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