Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 82 - Omega Trek Mix

We do not normally eat a lot of trail mix (this one, though called “Trek Mix”, is what I would traditionally call a trail mix).  But Trader Joe’s has a LOT of different varieties of trail mix, and I needed a good snack for munching on while traveling and while at a stressful assignment, so I picked up a bag of this Omega Trek Mix.  And boy was I happy I did.

This stuff is great!!! 

Here’s my issue with most trail mixes:  there is always something poopy in them.  No matter how great the ingredients are, there is always something yucky snuck in to surprise you and make your snacking experience less than terrific.  (Can someone say – disgusting carob bits, or fake yogurt covered hard raisins?)  You either accidentally EAT the yucky bit, or you spend your time carefully weeding through each handful making sure you avoid it.

But with Trader Joe’s Omega Trek Mix, ain’t nothing bad in it!!!  You heard me right – NO POOPY BITS!  Everything in there is good! 

This is the package to look for!  (Signage from the Overland Park, KS Trader Joe's store)
The front of the package says “dried cranberry and roasted nut blend”.  I have to tell you – the fact that “dried cranberry” was listed first was concerning for me…  I LIKE a dried cranberry, but I don’t LOVE a dried cranberry.  Know what I mean?  But in this mix, there are not an inordinate amount of them, and they are not uber-dried-beyond-recognition-and-ready-to-bust-your-teeth-with-their-hardness.  No siree!  They are moist, plump, and tasty!

But the REAL GEMS in this mix are the NUTS.  My oh my, this is one nutty blend!  The ingredients list:  roasted salted almonds, roasted pumpkin seeds, walnuts, roasted salted pecans, and dry roasted salted pistachios.  See what I MEAN???  Every good nut in the book (practically)!!  And none of the duds.  Nope – you will not reach into the bag while in a dark movie theatre and accidentally pop a Brazil nut in your mouth with this mix! 

I highly recommend you pick up a bag of this.  Oh, and if you are the healthy sort, you will be happy to know it is “high in ALA Omega 3”, so bam!

Price - $5.99

Rating - 4.75

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