Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day 88 - Shredded Hash Browns

BONUS BEFORE TODAY’S REVIEW – A friend sent me this link to a fabulous faux Trader Joe’s commercial.  You need to see it!  When you watch, make sure to move the cursor to the beginning because for some reason it wants to start :17 seconds into the video:

Now onto the review:  these Shredded Hash browns are a good staple to have in the freezer! 

Shredded Hash Browns - taste good!
These frozen hash browns cook up quickly, easily, and yield a tasty result!   In our house this would normally be a BREAKFAST dish, but just last night I mixed things up a bit and served them for dinner.  When you are swappin’ meals around, ain’t no tellin’ what can happen next!  J

I just put a bit of olive oil in a pan, dump in some frozen hash browns, and fry them up!  Salt, pepper, and Tabasco if you like – voila, a tasty dish!  Last night we went all out and shredded some Parmesan to put on top of them – delish!

Other brands of frozen hash browns often freeze all in a big clump and it is super hard to bust it up to cook a smaller amount.  So far these have somehow avoided the clumping fate (knock on wood…) and are easy to get out of the bag in whatever size portion you want.

Price is FINE!
The price is fine and preparing them is sure a lot easier than making hash browns from scratch.   Two thumbs up.

Price - $1.69
Rating - 4

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