Sunday, February 1, 2015

Day 32 - Picholine Olives

We do not normally buy olives at Trader Joe’s because we REALLLLY like olives.  I mean, we seriously tried to “smuggle” olives over the border with us one time and Customs guys took them L.  So we like to buy them in bulk at grocery stores and get a variety – kalamata, oil cured Moroccan, tasty, tasty, tasty!!  And sadly, Trader Joe’s does not have an “olive bar” to let you scoop up your own gems.  (Note to management if any of you read this:  GET AN OLIVE BAR!)

But my partner noticed this new item, Picholine Olives, on an end cap of the store and put them in the cart.  He was intrigued by the jar which proclaimed that these particular olives were oh-so-rare and fancy.  It even says, and I quote, “These are special little olives”. 

Picholine Olive jar
My take:  they aren’t bad, but they aren’t fabulous.  They are smooth and buttery, but do not have a lot of TASTE.  And if you are gonna eat an olive, you want TASTE!  They would get lost in a salad (IMHO) because they are so bland.  So we have been eating them just alone – nibbling on them out of the jar.

Nibbling in the kitchen
If I decide, we won’t get these again.  But if David tosses them in the cart, I won’t complain (NOTE – I JUST ASKED DAVID FOR HIS RATING AS I WAS WRITING THIS AND HE SAYS “4”…).  To me, they are just “meh”.

NOTE - THEY DO HAVE PITS, which is how we like them, but will be weird to you if you normally buy olives without pits.  :)

Price - $1.99

Rating – 2.5

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  1. Hmmm, $1.99 for Picholine olives? The prices I have been seeing are anywhere between $5.00 and $155.00 depending on the size/weight. I'm wondering if that's the reason for a bland taste. I haven't tried them yet but that's why I'm doing an online search to find out where to get them.