Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day 43 - Charles Shaw Pinot Grigio

Trader Joe’s has long been known for its “2 buck Chuck” – very cheap Charles Shaw brand wines.  They used to be $1.99, hence the name.  Here is a Wikipedia article on the subject:

If you wanted to be accurate these days, you would have to call this bottle “3.29 Buck Chuck” – but hey, $3.29 for a BOTTLE OF WINE is nothing to sneeze at…

$3.29 for a bottle of Pinot Grigio - how can you not try it?
We do not get the Charles Shaw brand wines very often.  We do not skip them because they are BAD, but simply because there are SO MANY WINES to choose from at Trader Joe’s that it is fun to experiment!  This Pinot Grigio was better than we expected.  It was really good! It was easily comparable to other Pinot Grigios.  It would, of course, be a fun experiment to decant a couple bottles, one Charles Shaw and one more expensive brand, and do a blind taste test.

Am I saying it is hands down the best wine in the world?  Nope.  But does it stink?  Noooo!  It is fine!  And it is $3.29, folks.  For drinking with dinner, or for cooking with, the price cannot be beat. 

Price - $3.29

Rating - 4  

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