Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day 52 - Cowboy Caviar

So Cowboy Caviar found its way into our home via a recipe.  Somewhere, at some point, I read a recipe for a Trader Joe’s dinner that required COWBOY CAVIAR.  So I picked up a jar.  And never ever saw the recipe again.  Months later, maybe over a year later, I found said jar of Cowboy Caviar in our cupboard.  Normally I am a strict “Consume before the “best by” date” kind of gal.  But something about this product made me think, “What the heck, give it a try, what’s it gonna do, kill ya??”.

Cute name for corn salsa
So basically, Cowboy Caviar is CORN SALSA.  It is corn, peppers, black beans, and spices in a jar.   It is fine.  I mean, I guess I am not a huge fan of corn salsa, and I am sure if this was fresher it would have been better.  I give cowboys the benefit of the doubt!  J  I think it would go well in a tortilla or even on scrambled eggs. 

Pretty good price

Perhaps this IS what cowboys call caviar!

I am going to try it again sometime.  And not leave it in the cupboard for so long. 

Price – $2.49

Rating - 3

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