Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 56 - White Corn Tortilla Rounds (chips)

Oh man, we have ourselves a problem.  We tried this bag of White Corn Tortilla Rounds, and we do not like them…  For some reason we have not returned them to the store, we keep pecking at them and trying to finish the bag.  But it is a TWO POUND BAG OF CHIPS.  Two pounds!  We should have given up and thrown them out after the first try, but we don’t like to waste food.

White Corn Tortilla Rounds
Here’s the deal:  they are too thick, too hard, and too “corn”y.  They just do not taste good.  So matter what we dip them in – we have tried hummus (2 varieties), salsa, and eating the chips naked – no method results in deliciousness! 

We will not be buying this type of chips again.  If we want white corn chips we will get Tostitos (which are a lot pricier but at least edible).  Or we will stick with Trader Joe’s Blue Corn Chips (which are more expensive and super yummy). 

Price – $3.28

Rating – 1.75

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