Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day 48 - Mini Pecan Pies

These teeny tiny bite sized pies are oh-so-yummy.  If you want a little dessert, and I do mean LITTLE dessert, here it is!!!!  The box has six tiny pies.  All you do is preheat the oven (325 degrees) and heat for around ten minutes.  The end result is delicious – flaky crusts, luscious pecan filling, and a beautiful light layer of sugar on the top. 

Wait until Autumn for these, but get other great mini pies now!
For my money these are winners.  Serving size is one pie.  That is obviously not as big of a serving as most people would normally plop on their plate, but it is just enough sweet deliciousness to satisfy your appetite after dinner.  You can add a tiny dollop of ice cream or some whipped cream – ahhhh. 

These baby sized pies would be fun to serve to guests, too. 

The good news:  they are delicious
The bad news:  they are a seasonal item and you need to wait until next Fall to get YOURS (sorry!)
The other bit of good news:  Trader Joe’s has tiny pies of OTHER FLAVORS all year long, and those are tasty, too!  So even though you cannot get these pecan gems, you can get other flavors (more reviews of other tiny pies coming).

Price - $4.49 (which works out to only 75 cents per pie!)

Rating – 4.25

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