Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 84 - Whole Kernel Corn

Basically, a can of corn is a can of corn, no???

And yet…  At SOME grocery stores, I choose to buy the name brand corn (Green Giant and the like) instead of the plain label store corn.  “Why??” you ask.  Well, I am sure it is psychological, but I sometimes think the fancy brand MUST be better, right??

Wrong.  And Trader Joe’s brand just proves it.  This can of corn at Trader Joe’s tastes equal to any fancy brand you see advertised on tv.  I have eaten this corn as a side dish (just warmed with butter on top) and I have eaten it cooked into main dishes (most recently in a chicken chili that was supurb!).

Simple can, simple vegetable, tasty
Trader Joe’s corn is good.  It should not be dismissed just because you do not see commercials for it on television or coupons for it in your Sunday newspaper. If you are going to eat a canned vegetable, this one is worthy of your spoon (or fork, I am not judging).  Get it.  Eat it.  If you like corn you will like it.

Price – $.89

Rating – 4.25

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