Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 83 - Maple Syrup

We are a TWO SYRUP family.  There are some things each of us agreed to change when we got together – for example I gave up Coke and became a Pepsi girl to support his love of Pepsi, and he forego Hydrox to get onboard with my Oreos…  But SYRUP is one thing neither of us will compromise on – he uses real maple syrup (way too sweet for me) and I use the fake stuff, like Mrs. Butterworth’s.

So, because of my dislike of real maple syrup, I have to have a “guest reviewer” for this one – my husband David.

Me:  So, David, please tell me how your Trader Joe’s maple syrup is.

David:  Uh – it’s fabulous!  It has never let me down.  It’s delicious. And it always tastes like MAPLE SYRUP.  It’s got a perfectly sized container that can sit comfortably in the cupboard or refrigerator door, waiting without complaint until the moment it is needed.  And then, it comes into its own, pouring its golden goodness over what would otherwise be a PLAIN PANCAKE.  Or waffle.

Me:  So David, on a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate the Trader Joe’s Maple Syrup?

David:  I would give it a 4.75.

This syrup must be great at test taking - it gets a GRADE A!
Me:  Thanks for being a guest reviewer in my blog.

David:  You are welcome!

Price - $5.79

Rating – 4.75

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