Saturday, March 21, 2015

Day 80 - Crispy Cookies Filled with Belgian Chocolate

Do you know why they call these “Crispy Cookies”?  Because the name “Milano” was already taken!

Fine price for a tasty cookie (at La Jolla, CA store - this is their in-store artist's work on the pricing sign)
Yes siree – these are like Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies, only a bit BETTER!  With the Pepperidge Farm version, the cookies are a bit bland.  But with this Trader Joe’s version, not only is the Belgian Chocolate FILLING tasty, the cookie bits are actually good, too!  It’s a WIN-WIN!

"Hmmm - will these be GOOD?" David wonders before we try them.  The answer is YES!
And at $2.79 per package they are cheaper than the hoity-toity Milanos, too!  I wish they came in some type of re-sealable package, but maybe the manufacturers assume (and probably rightly so for most households) that all of the cookies will get eaten within a day of opening the bag anyway.

If you like Milanos, you will like these.  Go for it!

Price - $2.79
Rating – 4.5

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