Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 78 - Mediterranean Hummus

Now THIS is a hummus.  There are several hummus choices at Trader Joe’s, so sometimes it can be a little overwhelming when you stare at the shelf wondering which one to buy.  As you know if you follow this blog (day 59, Hummus with Horseradish L ), not all hummus is terrific.  We were recently in California and were surprised to find hummus selections that we don’t think we have seen here in Virginia!  Apparently people in La Jolla get more hummus choices than those in Arlington.  Boo. 
We don't remember seeing these at our Virginia store
Pretty good prices, too!  We want these!

Anyway, this Mediterranean Hummus is a great choice!

First off, it is TASTY.  It is great on bagels, chips, crackers, or however you prefer to consume your hummus.  Secondly, it is CHEAP!  The container is BIG compared to other brands of hummus (16 oz) and it sells for only $3.99.  Even with a coupon for some other brand, this one is likely to come in at a better price.  (Side note:  the fine print says a “serving size” is 2 tablespoons – yeah right!  Who can eat that little?  Not me!)
Mediterranean Hummus on a blue corn chip - reviewed on day 72
Good price for good hummus!

This is a fantastic basic hummus to have in your fridge!  Get it!

Price - $3.99

Rating – 4.5

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