Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 77 - Vitamin E Oil

I do not buy many health or beauty products at Trader Joe’s, which accounts for this being I think the first review of the year on something that is not food or drink.  But one thing I HAVE bought is a bottle of Vitamin E oil.  I put it on a scar from surgery before I go to sleep at night, with the idea that it will help the scar somehow magically become less noticeable.  (Let’s be honest here, the scar is not going away…  Surgery was in 2010…)  In actuality, applying the oil has become a nightly RITUAL that does as much to calm my mind and tell my body “it is bedtime, time to sleep now” than it does “heal” my old scar.  I also use the Vitamin E oil every once in a while on my face.  It is an oily, oily mess but it does take away the dryness and feels somehow exotic!

Sweet little bottle of Vitamin E oil
Anyway, I tried to do price comparisons with the Vitamin E oil at Trader Joe’s and at other local stores, but boy is it confusing.  Everyone has a different size container and they are found in different departments of the stores.  Some say they are for skin whereas others claim they are for nutrition.  Is there truly a difference???  I do not know.
Here's one - almost the same size for nearly twice the price (CVS)
A pricy one says it is for nutrition (also at CVS)...

Here is the one at Trader Joe's.

So I don’t feel as if I can adequately compare the oils.  But I will say that the one from Trader Joe’s seems to be much cheaper and is just fine for me.  J

P.S. – stay tuned!  I bought a cool little tin of moisturizer at Trader Joe’s in California!  Another non-food/drink review forthcoming. 

Price – $3.99

Rating – 4.25

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