Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 76 - Lucques Olives

The sign for Lucques Olives at our Trader Joe’s location promises “meaty and flavorful”.  Can I just say, that sign LIES.

The "flavorful" part of this sign is so not true.
We are olive lovers (as explained in a review of another olive variety on day 32 of this blog).  So when we eat olives, we EAT OLIVES.  Like, I am not talking one or two.  So we were excited to try this new-to-us olive type – Lucques. 

But sadly, it is blah, blah, blah.  There is hardly any taste of all.  It’s not salty, it’s not flavorful, it is just boring.

They LOOK pretty, but for me, TASTE is more important than appearance in an olive.
So far we have not happened on an olive that strikes our fancy at Trader Joe’s.  We will keep trying I guess, but until then we will also go to another local grocery store that has an “olive bar” to stock up on super delicious ones.

Price – $3.99

Rating – 2.25

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  1. Have you tried these? In the fridge section, haven't looked lately but they're olive bar good