Monday, March 16, 2015

Day 75 - Persian Cucumbers

I like a good cucumber in the summer time – slice it up, add some sliced onion, soak it in vinegar and water…  Tasty!   Or how about this – slice up a cucumber and toss it in a big green salad – delicious!  I had seen these smaller Persian cucumbers before but had never bought them.  Then recently I was visiting a friend in St. Joseph, MO and her husband brought some home from a local (non Trader Joe’s) grocery store.  He served them like a snack – a healthy appetizer as it were.  Just rinse and EAT.  No need for slicing.  No need for pickling.  No need for dipping or topping with something – just eat! 

Tasty, compact little crunch snacks!
The next time we were at Trader Joe’s I picked some up.  They come in a pack of 6 for $2.49, which equals 42 cents each.  So for less than you would plop down on a Snickers bar, you get a crunchy, tasty, HEALTHY snack!  We liked them so much we threw a few in a Ziploc bag in our carry-on for eating during a recent long flight!  A cool thing about them is that, unlike salty snacks, they don’t make you THIRSTY.  In fact they are quite juicy so help quench your thirst a bit!  Also, unlike snacking on carrot sticks, they are not boring!
Cheaper than a Snickers bar...  Easy to transport, too!  
I will keep some of these in our fridge for munching on. 

Price - $2.49
Rating – 4

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