Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 69 - Grifone Bianco (wine)

They say “floral and fresh – peach and apricot”.  I say “fruity, clean, white wine, won’t knock your socks off but won’t make you gag”.  I know, I am quite a fancy wine reviewer…

Seriously, we LOVED the Grifone Primitivo (blog Day 53, rating of 4.5) so when we saw another variety of the Grifone label we were psyched.  This one is just BIANCO.  Nothing fancy, nothing super special.  Just a clean, crisp white wine.

Pretty label, average white wine
Maybe if we had tried it first in summer – sitting out on the porch in the evening drinking some after a hot day – it would have been better.  As it is, we broke open the bottle on a freezing cold March night and it just didn’t really do the trick.

I think "Good with Veggies!" would have been more honest advertising
If you have $5 and want to get a good wine, get the Grifone Primitivo instead.

Price - $4.99
Rating – 3.5

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